Frank Chickens at The Barbican 16:00 Sat 23 July 2011 (preview)

How to describe Frank Chickens to anyone who hasn’t seen them perform?
* Funny, but not comedians.
* They sing pop-type songs, but they’re not a pop group.
* Performance art, and sometimes surreal, but not performance artists.
* Kazuko Hohki is not a stand-up comedian, but is very good at throw-away droll witticisms. (She has also worked with Duckie.)
Possibly cabaret is closest, but even that isn’t “le mot juste”.  some quotes:

* their show mixes music, cabaret, dance routines, bizarre costume changes, slides, and much more, in totally unique and thoroughly entertaining way – Andrew Buchanan, Southampton Arts Centre Director

* Highly entertaining, great costume and dances, and also very witty. The best thing to say is, it is not just a gig, but a show – Venue Manager, The Spitz, London

The Youtube clip might help, but it doesn’t do justice to them.

But I do very strongly recommend them. They are performing at the Barbican on Sat.23.July, and I will be there with as many people as I can interest in this peformance.  in which Kazuko Hohki talks about her interests in Victorian toy theatres, why she likes “low-fi” performance “because it’s a very direct way of communicating“, The Borrowers, and sundry other matters.

A profile of Kazuko Hohki at  … Their songs are often about Japanese social conditions and constrictions, particularly for women, as well as the experience of Japanese people in England with Hohki often cracking jokes and making funny observations between songs at live gigs. …  Kazuko Hohki will also be performing Borrowers International Network (BIN, Kazuko Hohki and Andy Cox)” at Duckie on Sat.17.September.2011

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Barbican Weekender Sat.23.July
Barbican Weekender: Extraordinary Voices 23 – 24 July 2011 / 11:00 Barbican Centre
Tickets: FREE – no tickets required
Capacity is limited to some events and tickets can not be booked, please turn up early on the day to ensure attendance to an event.

Exploring the use of the voice through music, film, song, art and performance, Barbican Weekender: Extraordinary Voices brings the centre alive with a weekend of events from artists & performers, choirs, poets, beatboxers, storytellers and interactive installations.

Hear incredible music acts such as soul queen Irma Thomas, Garifuna singer Aurelio, traditional Egypt folk musicians Suhbagiyya, Grammy-nominated Cajan band Feufollet and the *infamous Frank Chickens*. Don’t miss choirs from across the city including the London Gay Men’s Chorus and Streetwise Opera. For beats and spoken word, watch Tongue Fu and beatboxing sensation The Boxettes tackle topics from every day life.

Discover the voices of Barbican Young Poets and Julian Opie’s installation. You can also join Phil Minton to create The Feral Choir or Ida Barr’s Mash-Up and perform in foyer. Transform your ideas into a fashion staement with artist Reza Ben Gajra and visit a Parisian cafe as Strangeworks invite you To Sleep Perchance to Dream, and don’t forget to visit the Whitecross Street Party, plus much, much more…

RSVP to this event on Facebook here!

In association with home live art.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Frank Chickens
Frank Chickens by performance artist Kazuko Hohki 23 July 2011 / 16:00 ClubStage
(the ClubStage is, the Barbican tells me, set up near the box office)

Experience the unique sound, visuals and performance of Frank Chickens as they wow the Barbican with outlandish Japanese-inspired music, costume quick-changes and visuals.

Founded in 1928, by performance artist Kazuko Hohki, who is reputed to have brought karaoke to Britain, Frank Chickens have toured the world with their spectacular live set of songs, stories, costume changes, visuals and a cast of thousands!.

Check out Frank Chickens on youtube here

For all ages.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** looks interesting
Tamikrest 23 July 2011 / 18:15 FreeStage
Haling from Mali and passionate about their way of life, join Tamikrest as they weave  stories from their youth in terms of living in the Tuareg community.

You will be captivated by their lyrics as they tell you about the loss of their culture — but also about love: the love of life and the love for the vast expanse of their home — the Sahara.


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