Please ask questions

Or more fully: please ask questions at Q&As after performances.

(For: L. This is the first in a series of posts prompted by something someone has said, asked, done, not done, or any combination of any of those. Etcetera. In the fine tradition of 19th Century French and Russian (and other countries) stories and novels, the “someone”, who may actually be two or more people, will be identified only by a single letter, which will usually – but not necessarily – be the initial letter of one of their names, thereby adding an air of mystery to the posts.)

This post is prompted by an experience some years ago at a London (England) screening of two documentaries. After each documentary had been screened there was a Q&A with the director, and to make it more interesting one of the directors was doing his Q&A over the internet from another continent.

One of the people at the screening was an actor whose work I admired (and still admire), and I was *very* surprised when they did not ask a question in the internet Q&A, especially because a woman introducing the documentaries had explicitly encouraged people to ask questions.

M (H) – Kendal

this is to encourage L

good answers to different questions

The Place – C Bannerman


About Colin Bartlett

I'm interested in arts, mathematics, science. Suliram is a partial conflation of the names of three good actors: Ira Aldridge, Anna May Wong, and another. My intention is to use a personal experience of arts to make some points, but without being too "me me me" about it. And to follow Strunk's Elements of Style. Except that I won't always "be definite": I prefer Niels Bohr's precept that you shouldn't write clearer than you think.
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