Ria Lina – a short note

My impression – and recommendation – of the English comedian Ria Lina:

1. She is very intelligent, thinking about what she is doing, both in and out of performances.

2. Her comedy is funny and thoughtful. And can be quite naughty: in fact, like Kristina Wong and Margaret Cho, she can go to naughtiness 11!

In short, I recommend seeing her perform *and* having an intelligent conversation with her after the performance.

Singaporeans have both opportunities this week from Wednesday.23.April to Saturday.26.April.2014

@ettieboo http://twitter.com/ettieboo


Singapore International Comedy Festival at UNCABUNCA

SHOW TITLE: Ria Lina: It’s Not Easy Being Yellow

In March 2012, Ria Lina signed up to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with little more than a show title, an audience questionnaire and an identity crisis. Having been identified as the “Filipina Sarah Silverman” she realised she wasn’t necessarily… Filipina.

Is that allowed in an era where your colour is your culture is your comedy? An hour of comedy from the award winning comic, inspired by the age old question “Where do you come from?”, and peppered throughout with songs that are “wittily constructed, if not entirely politically correct” (Three Weeks), be prepared to keep an open mind as your perimeters of acceptability are shamelessly put on trial.


* “Engaging, endearing and eye-opening” (Time Out),

* “Fearless, provocative and very funny one-woman show” **** (Scotsman),

* “not entirely politically correct” **** Three Weeks

* “There isn’t a comedy venue in the country that shouldn’t be fighting for her.” (Scotsman)

* “…electrified the audience with her relaxed yet biting wit.” (Three Weeks)

* “Comic Sensation” (Erotic Review)

* “The audience found themselves gasping one minute and laughing uncontrollably the next. If there’s a prize for stinging comic delivery then Lina would take gold every time.” Dorset Comedy

* “Lina is a musical comic with a brilliant line in bawdy songs… storming set!” (Evening Standard)

* “I have no doubt she will hold her own so easily that she’ll have a hand free to hold someone else’s too.” (The Guardian)

* “slickly done – there’s no denying that the girl’s got talent” (Chortle, the UK Comedy Guide)

** Biography

Winner of the EMMA Award for Best Comedian, Ria Lina makes an impact with her dry wit and bawdy ukulele songs, having been a regular in stand-up comedy for the past 13 years both in the UK and abroad. Recent projects include taking her own critically acclaimed shows “Thepthial” (2013) “It’s Not Easy Being Yellow” (2012) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, writing for the Ladyboys of Bangkok 2010 “Fantasy & Feathers” & 2013 “Glamourous Amorous” tours, and writing/acting for a comedy sketch show for ITV2 (Meet the Blogs). In the past, Ria has written and presented her own documentary for Channel 4 revealing the truth behind the myths that surround oriental women in Britain; other projects include the comedy series, Malai Monologues, for BBC 3; The World Stands Up, for Comedy Central (USA), the Paramount Comedy Channel (UK), and the Comedy Network Channel (AUS); and Sweet n’ Sour Comedy Sketch Show for BBC3.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The above is based on having seen her in two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe:

* 2012: It’s Not Easy Being Yellow

* 2013: Thpethial,

and in two performances at Club Inegales:

* one evening of performance and talk on comedy in music: her contribution was doing a short solo and later taking part in a seminar on comedy in music

* the following night when she did a 20-30 minute solo and then sang some of her songs with the Club Inegales improvising musicians

Other links:

@mskristinawong https://www.twitter.com/mskristinawong

@margaretcho https://twitter.com/margaretcho


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