Try using this contact form:

Or try leaving a comment on any blog post on – I should get that sent to me as an email.

Warning – I can’t currently access the email address below. (Thank you Google!)

To promote Korean Pansori – and other things – I want to put an email address here. But I also want to avoid junk email. So:

* This email address is, where “xxxxxxx” is the name of this blog and yyyyy is gmail. In other words – to avoid any ambiguity – take the seven letter name of this blog and append a digit “8” to give an email address at Google’s email system.

* This email address is not my main email address, and I may reply from my main email address, so that you have my main email address. But I will try to remember to put this email address in the subject and/or copy my reply to this email address.

Let us see if this works!

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